Mars Hill Institute

And they took Paul and brought him to the Areopagus (Hill of Mars) saying “May we know just what is this new doctrine…” Now all the Athenians and the visitors there from abroad used to spend all their leisure telling or listening to something new.” (Acts 17:19-21)

The Mars Hill Institute was first convened in 2012 for the purpose of applying Christian principles to the civil discourse on public policy and public events.

Conveners include pastors and religious scholars, scientists, journalists, scholars from the social and behavioral sciences and the humanities, legislators, business leaders, agency heads, and laymen.

Conveners believe the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles have application for resolving the public policy issues of the day, and for recommending the proper conduct of government and civil society. The Institute seeks to discern those applicable teachings and to suggest ways those teachings can be applied.

Conveners meet both regularly, and spontaneously as need requires, to discuss public policy issues and notable public events, to share insights and perspectives, to debate points of view, and to produce letters, essays and reports to be published and disseminated to the media, decision-makers, and relevant organizations and individuals.

Of primary interest to the Institute are issues related to criminal justice reform, community development, social deviance, and sexual abuse and offending.

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Current Topics

Definition of "Mentoring"

Providing an operational and spiritual foundation for future NPM mentoring projects
January 17, 1400 Philadelphia Ave., Reading

Recidivism Reduction

Proven methods for reducing recidivism

Definition of "Forgiveness"

Establishing a foundation for restoring families and communities

Myths and Facts about "Stranger Danger"

Truth about the danger to adults and children from strangers

Operationalizing Denominational Documents on Justice Reform

Identifying similarities and differences; Putting the words into practice