New Person Center

NEW PERSON CENTERS is the heart of New Person Ministries. The Centers began in 2004 at 317 North 6th Street in Reading and have increased in number since that beginning.

New Person Centers provide transitional housing for recently released inmates and assistance with all the issues of reentry into the community.

New Person Centers serve as a refuge for newly released or downtrodden former inmates of the Berks County and surround counties' prisons, and from the PA state prison system. The Centers are a place where the love of Christ is applied to those in great need.

The Centers provide care and aftercare for offenders and victims, and for their families, and provide public education on offender and community safety and re-entry issues.

The Centers program works to build character and reduce recidivism by providing support, encouragement, and mentoring to those marginalized by society because of their former inmate status. Emphasis is placed on character building and helping returning citizens become productive members of society.

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