CR-SO is a community-based volunteer organization providing support and encouragement for family and friends of currently incarcerated sex offenders, and support and encouragement for formerly incarcerated sex offenders as they seek personal renewal and reentry into the community. CR-SO also provides community education on sex offending and on sex offender issues.

CR-SO was established by a group of conveners in the late 2000s. It joined the New Person Ministries (NPM) family in April 2012.

During the early years, the organization was centered in Lancaster County, under the leadership of community organizer Jim Kalish, but Berks County residents, including NPM leaders, were already actively involved. Today, CR-SO plans activity in Lancaster and Berks Counties and expansion into neighboring Chester York and Lebanon Counties.

The focus of CR-SO is on the social and spiritual renewal of sex offenders, and the offender’s reintegration into the community. Offenders and their families are strengthened through programs like “Friends and Family” while the offender is still incarcerated.

Once released, CR-SO provides information on housing, jobs, and access to community resources, and encourages offender participation in existing community and faith-based programs for self renewal and reintegration into the community.

CR-SO monitors the government systems that supervise released sex offenders, therapeutic and counseling services, and business and community organizations to insure fairness, effectiveness, and clarity in enforcement of rules and regulations.

CR-SO maintains working relationships with other organizations and with spiritual congregations to support and encourage these group’s sex offender renewal and reintegration interests and initiatives.

CR-SO uses speeches, forums, publications, and other means to educate the public and community decision-makers on sex offender issues, and the prevention of victimization and re-offending.

Financial support for CR-SO operations is provided by interested individuals. Donations are appreciated and are tax deductible. CLICK HERE to support CR-SO. To obtain more information about CR-SO, to become active in its projects, to learn the dates for meetings, or to make a donation, CLICK HERE for ways to contact us.




    Support Groups for "Friends and Family" of incarcerated or
    recently released sex offenders

  • Reading, PA (Second Tuesday of every month)
    Hopewell Mennonite, 6th & Cherry
  • Lancaster, PA (Third Tuesday of every month)
    Lancaster Friends (Quaker) Meeting, Tulane Terrace
  • "Red Flags" Seminars

  • Clues to possible sexual offending
    Call 610-803-3312 for current schedule
  • Restoring Broken Families Seminars

  • Healing families broken by sexual offending
    Call 610-803-3312 for current schedule
  • Ex-Offender Employment Interest Group

  • Seeking employment opportunities for sexual offenders